–參加Beyond Our Boundaries靑年峰會

原創 2017-11-23 余凌江 (Andy Yu) APAPA俄亥俄 (Andy Yu)

  2017年8月,來自美國各地的大約100多名高中生來到芝加哥參加了Beyond Our Boundaries靑年峰會。峰會的目的是使亞裔學生們能積極投身到社區和政治活動中去。我和其他9個學生有幸代表APAPA Ohio參加了這次峰會。在四天的課程中,我們開闊了視野,學到了新的知識,並有了新的體驗。老實説,參加這次峰會,我學到了很多東西。對我來説,以下兩點是Beyond Our Boundaries峰會成功的主要原因:首先它很有敎育意義,其次它爲學生提供了許多新的體驗。
   峰會最後一天,我又參加了兩個硏討會。我參加的第一個硏討會是關於當前社會的男權主義。在這個硏討會里,我們討論了關於工資差距和強姦文化等爭議性話題。最後一個關於自我防衛的講座講的是打架和暴力等的細節,我們瞭解到網上的攻擊也能在精神上造成傷害,我們還瞭解了不同類型的自我防衛,學習瞭如何在生理和心理上保護自己。除此以外還有各種各樣其它講座,我個人只參加了這四個講座。我在這些活動中認識了好多新朋友,在整個過程中, 我們融入了彼此的文化,互相有了深入瞭解。總而言之,這些講座/硏討會以及每天和大家的交流,使這次峰會有了獨特的敎育價値。
   Beyond Our Boundaries峰會的另一極爲重要的方面是我們獲得了許多新的經歷。最寶貴的經歷發生在峰會的第二天。在這一天,幾乎每一個參加峰會的學生和大人都拿起抗議的標語牌,我們步行了幾個街區,一起走到特朗普大廈參加抗議特朗普總統的集會。 一路上,我們高呼着各種抗議口號,我們的口號非常響亮,心中的畏懼都抛到了一邊。我們的遊行隊伍吸引了路邊很多行人的注意,其中大部分是支持我們的。大多數學生以前從來沒有參加過抗議活動或政治集會,我自己也是第一次參加這種活動,眞是大開了眼界!我們都有自己的政治觀點但是從來沒有這樣大聲表達過, 這次我們站到了特朗普大廈前一起集會抗議!對我而言, 這次集會意義尤其特別 --- 我在集會上做了演講!我站在集會大衆的面前,分析批判特朗普總統的移民政策,這經歷讓我終生難忘!
  除了這次抗議集會的經歷之外, 每個學生還通過這次峰會獲得了其它寶貴的經歷。首先,我們住在芝加哥市中心的靑年旅館里, 地理位置極好。我們都利用這個地理優勢四處走走看看,閒逛探索。其次,許多學生都是第一次參加類似峰會, 學習和瞭解這些有爭議但是重要的問題對大家都是新的經歷。最後,對於很多學生來説, 在這么短時間內認識這么多人, 交到這么多朋友,這本身就是很重要很寶貴的經歷!以我個人經歷而言, 我幾乎和所有與會者見了面, 每個人都是讓我覺得那么新奇而有意思。這些不同的新朋友,使我大大擴展了我的眼界和世界觀。這次峰會就是由一個接一個的新經歷構成,我相信我們每個人都會把這些寶貴的經歷保存到永遠!
   總之,這次Beyond Our Boundaries峰會辦的非常成功,我希望它繼續舉辦下去。這次峰會給予我們這么多的新知識和新經歷,切切實實對我們的生活産生了影響;峰會給了我們與會的每個學生非常好的敎育和體驗的機會,它將永遠是我們生命和生活中的一部分。

Beyond Our Boundaries
by Andy Yu
   In the month of august in 2017, about 100 students from around the United States attended a youth conference with the name of Beyond Our Boundaries. This program aimed to make students active in both their communities and the political theatre. Over the four day program, students gained new perspectives, learned new knowledge, and had new experiences. I am a student who attended this program, and I can honestly say I feel more educated after coming out of this program. To me, the Beyond Our Boundaries Summit has two important aspects that make it successful; the first is that it is very educational, and the second is that it provides many new experiences for students.
   The first important aspect of this program is the many new things that we learned. On two of the days of the program, we had many different workshops that covered different aspects of current day politics. In these workshops, we learned about controversial issues, present day problems, and more. On the first day, I attended a workshop regarding how art plays a role in current American politics, and how it has in the past as well. We learned about symbolism in art and how it is a powerful medium in which the people can be addressed. Signs and posters were also made in preparation for the rally to be had on the following day. The second workshop of that day was regarding toxic gaming culture, and how many youth are negatively affected by a put-down culture over the internet. We had a detailed discussion regarding many online games, sites, and activities that promoted this hate culture. On the last day, we again had two workshops. The first one I attended was a group discussion regarding patriarchy in our current society. In this talk we discussed things regarding the wage gap, a rape culture, and other controversial topics. The last workshop was a class regarding self defense in order to educate us on details of fighting and violence. We learned about the different types of self defense, from the physical to the mental, and how mental harm can come to you online as well. I personally only attended these four, but there were many available options for each individual to learn about a variety of things. Another aspect of education is the many things we learned from our many new friends. We were immersed in each other's culture and personality for the entire stay, and learned a lot about other people as well. Overall, the many workshops as well as the day to day interactions ?provided unique educational value to the summit.
   Another extremely important aspect of this program was the many new experiences we gained. The most valuable experience occurred on the second day of the summit. On this day, nearly every single student and all the adults took up signs and marched a couple of blocks all the way down to Trump Tower to protest at a rally. Along the way, many different chants were shouted. These many chants were loud and cast the fear of the students aside as they marched towards the protesting grounds. We drew a lot of attention from passersby, most of whom were in some degree supportive of what we were doing. It is safe to assume that most students have never been to a protest or political rally before. For myself, it was a first, and the experience was extremely eye opening. All the student who held political ideologies but never voiced them now found themselves in front of Trump Tower at a political rally protesting! Personally, I was a speaker at the rally, which means I had an extra experience on top of the rally. Standing in front of a large crowd giving a speech about President Trumps immigration policies was very exhilarating. In addition to the rally, every single student gained new experiences throughout the program. Primarily, living in a hostel in downtown chicago was a very unique situation, and many students took full advantage of it by exploring. In addition, it was many student’s first times at a program like this, so learning about all these important but controversial issues was new for them too. Finally, meeting so many new people and making so many new friends in such a short period of time was important to many students. I myself met nearly everyone who attended and every person was interesting. By meeting all these new people and making so many new friends, I expanded my worldview that much more. Overall, the entire program consisted of endless new experiences that each of us will be keeping for the rest of our lives.
   In conclusion, the Beyond Our Boundaries summit was a tremendous success and I would like to see it again in the future. By bestowing so much new knowledge and so many new experiences upon all these students, it really played a role in their lives. The summit was a great educational and experiential opportunity for each and every student that attended, and it will be part of each of us students for the rest of our lives.